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Criminal Law

An individual is charge with a criminal offense is prosecuted by the Office of the District Attorney for the County in which the crime occurred. There are two types of crimes.

Get the Best Defense for your Boston Shoplifting Charge

If you are facing a shoplifting charge in Boston, Massachusetts, it is important to work with an experienced Boston criminal attorney to get the best possible result. Boston shoplifting charges are dependent on the value of the goods stolen and whether it is your first offense. I am an experienced and qualified Boston criminal attorney, who has represented many clients facing shoplifting charges in Boston. I have an excellent track record and will fight aggressively to defend you in court.

Shoplifting Lawyer

Acting on your case quickly is important. The quicker you act the more legal options will be available to your lawyer. Ideally, you want a Shoplifting Lawyer with you at the time you are arraigned or summonsed to court. As an experienced Shoplifting Lawyer, I’ve defended lots of these cases, and frankly, I’ve seen a lot of other lawyers make the mistake of not immediately challenging the facts and circumstances of the case. Don’t wait to act in your own defense.

Finding a Shoplifting Attorney

Ask your experienced Shoplifting Attorney if he/she will review your case for free during an initial consultation. Most attorneys will be happy to give an initial free consultation. When you attend this meeting, you should bring all material that is important to your case, including the police report, complaint, your probation record, and any other documentation you have available. Ask your Shoplifting Attorney to give you a clear and honest opinion of what your legal options are, and how he/she can help you to build the best defense possible for your case. Tell your Shoplifting Attorney of your concerns because he/she understands only too well what a stressful and overwhelming situation facing a criminal charge can be. You need to feel confident that your Shoplifting Attorney will be able to navigate you through the legal process and get the best outcome possible.

Assault & Battery Cases

One of the more famous Assault & Battery cases in recent years involved Chris Brown and Rihanna. They were in a car when they got into an argument, and Brown tried to force her out of the car. When this tactic failed, he punched her repeatedly, and then threatened to beat her when the couple got home. However, when Brown thought Rihanna had called the police, he told her he would kill her, and then continued to punch her, bite her and choke her. Eventually, Brown was sentenced to five years’ probation and six months of community service.

Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer

According to Campaign for the Future, Massachusetts prisons have a lot to answer for, which is why you really need a Massachusetts criminal lawyer. If you are older, mentally ill or disabled, consider this: The elderly are among the fastest growing segment of the prison population… with nearly a quarter of all prisoners aged over 55. If you don’t think 55 sounds that old, then bear in mind those in prison have a physiological age some seven to ten years older than their chronological age, with the medical problems that accompany them. As the most vulnerable segment of society, their needs in prison go largely unmet.

Don’t Plead Guilty

As a Boston criminal lawyer, I am more than familiar with arraignments, pre-trial conferences, Clerk’s Hearings, compliance and election, motions, trials and pleas. Practically each day, I am in a District or Superior Court in Massachusetts representing clients, like you, charged with all sorts of crimes. Too many defendants plead guilty! At the same time, I see many defendants who come into court by themselves, without an attorney, and decide to plea guilty. Why? Because they know in their hearts that they committed the crime for which they have been accused no matter if he’s accused with assault and battery and feel they have no other alternative.

The Strange History of Shoplifting

Back in 1910, a man and his wife were both charged with shoplifting because they allegedly stole a pair of boots from a shop. The man took the boots from a shelf and passed them to his wife, who was subsequently caught as she attempted to leave the shop. Back then, it was presumed that a wife was under the control of her husband and therefore was not an independent agent. Accordingly, the judge directed the jury to find the woman not guilty. While this rule was applied to shoplifting and other minor offenses, it was not applied to more serious crimes like murder.

The History of Assault and Battery

Back in 1919, several men attempted to escape when the police raided a house, in which they were gambling. In the ensuing melee, one of them assaulted and battered a police officer. There was some evidence that the Assault and Battery was premeditated as a way to avoid arrest. The question the court had to decide was whether only the individual who committed the Assault and Battery was liable or given the alleged premeditated nature of the crime, the whole group was guilty.

Possession of Marijuana Accusation?

Many defenses exist for drug charges. For example, a charge like possession of marijuana with Intent to Distribute or Distribution of Drugs might mean that your Boston criminal attorney can file a motion to dismiss for lack of probable cause or to suppress evidence obtained through an illegal search and seizure. Failure of the police to read your Miranda rights may protect you from statements you made to the police in a custodial situation. Your Boston criminal attorney may also file a motion for Pre-Trial Diversion or negotiate with the District Attorney to reduce the charge to straight possession. He/she may even negotiate a Continuation without a Finding (CWOF), which means that you will not lose your driver’s license.

Beat a Possession of Marijuana

Obviously, penalties like possession of marijuana are very severe. Not only might you end up in jail, but you may also be deported if you are not a citizen of the United States. Also, besides your reputation in the community, your job may be in jeopardy or you won’t be able to take your kids to school if you cannot drive. So the first thing you need to do is hire a Boston criminal lawyer. He/she will have the experience to guide you through the court system, to file the appropriate motions to suppress and/or dismiss and prepare for trial, if necessary.

Searching for a Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer on the Internet

If you are charged in Massachusetts, my best legal advice to you is to hire the best Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer you can. And, if you are looking on the Internet, make sure you type in Massachusetts criminal defense or criminal attorney or lawyer. And, better yet, specify the crime, with which you have been charged, and where it took place or the court where you are charged.

The Definition of Assault And Battery

Aggravated Assault & Battery by definition occurs when one person causes or tries to cause a severe injury to another person, with the use of a deadly weapon.In Massachusetts, a person can be charged with an Assault, a Battery, or an Assault And Battery (A&B). The Assault is the crime of threatening a person with physical force, while the Battery is the act of making physical contact with the victim. The definition of an Assault & Battery (A&B), on the other hand, involves a single crime that includes the crime of threatening a person (Assault) together with the act of making physical contact with him/her (Battery).

Shoplifting in Massachusetts

If there is probable cause for believing you have shoplifted, you can be arrested without a warrant. Generally speaking, the word of the storeowner, manager or employee is enough to get you arrested. However, it is not the store that will initiate the court proceedings. The store will refer the matter to the police, who will decide whether or not to bring a criminal charge against you. Under Massachusetts law, the merchant is also at liberty to reclaim damages, which can be as much as $500 beyond the actual damages or theft that occurred.

All You Need to Know About Shoplifting

According to Massachusetts law, shoplifting charges can be brought against any individual for stealing goods from a retail store. However, shoplifting charges can also be brought for hiding goods on your body or elsewhere or changing a price tag or changing the package. if you find yourself in that embarrassing predicament, you should immediately call a Massachusetts criminal lawyer to protect your job, student loans, immigration status and reputation in the community.

The Legal Definition of Shoplifting in Massachusetts

What to Do if you are Charged Under the Massachusetts Shoplifting Laws? Anyone is capable of making a mistake, and that includes being charged with a violation of the Massachusetts shoplifting laws. However, it is so very important that you act immediately to stop what can be a simple mistake from turning into a major disaster. Being charged under the Massachusetts shoplifting laws can have very serious consequences.

So You’ve Been Charged With a DUI

Perhaps you had a few drinks and hit a stop sign…or a tree…or a curb. Or you were swerving from lane to lane…or driving erratically. The police came along and checked your driver’s license. They asked you to do some field sobriety tests. Recite the alphabet…without singing it. Stand on one foot. Count backwards from 100 to 87. Walk 9 steps heal to toe, then turn around and walk back. Maybe they asked you to take a breath test. Then they asked you to put your hands behind your back. They handcuffed you and drove you to the police station.

What is an OUI & What Are the Consequences?

In Massachusetts, an OUI is a criminal charge of operating under the influence of alcohol. In other states, it may be called a DUI, driving under the influence, or a DWI, driving while intoxicated. If the police suspect a driver of drunk driving, he/she will be arrested, placed into police custody, transported to and booked at the local police station. Following the booking procedure, the driver will usually be released on bail with instructions to return to court the following business day.

Melanie’s Law

On October 28, 2005, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts passed “Melanie’s Law.” The purpose of “Melanie’s Law” was to enhance the penalties and administrative sanctions for offenders in Massachusetts who Operate Under the Influence (OUI). An OUI is more popularly referred to as a DUI in other states. It was the result of a campaign by friends of a young girl, who was killed by a repeat drunk-driver. The law came into effect in January, 2006, and resulted in much harsher penalties for an OUI or DUI. For repeat offenders, these new penalties included the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) when their licenses are reinstated or if they are issued a hardship license.

Melanie’s Law 2

The driver who killed Melanie was a repeat OUI or DUI offender. Following Melanie’s tragic death, her grandfather, Ron Bersani, spearheaded a campaign to have Melanie’s law passed. Ten years after Melanie’s death, Ron Bersani is once again calling for tougher laws after the arrest of 62-year-old Guy Patierno from Billerica, who was arrested for his 12th OUI or DUI offense. Patierno’s license was revoked for life after his 10th OUI or DUI. However, he continued to drive.

The Penalties for OUI / DWI / DUI Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, there are different punishments for OUI / DWI / DUI, depending on the number of prior convictions. For a first-time OUI/DWI/DUI Massachusetts, the driver can be sentenced up to 2 ½ years in jail and a loss of license for up to one year. For a 2nd offense, the driver can be sentenced up to 2 ½ years and a loss of license up to 2 years. However, there is a minimum mandatory sentence of 60 days in jail. For a 3rd offense, the driver must serve a minimum of 5 months in jail, up to 5 years, and a loss of license up to 8 years.

Have you been caught shoplifting?

If you have been caught shoplifting in Massachusetts, there can be serious legal consequences, including fines and jail. Also, any criminal conviction on your record can be damaging to your future, including immigration status, school loans and work. The penalties you could be facing depend on the value of the goods and the number of prior offenses. You may be asking yourself, why do I need a defense lawyer for a “minor” shoplifting offense. The answer is simple: Yes, you need a good Massachusetts criminal lawyer!

Have You Been Arrested for Shoplifting?

When you get arrested for shoplifting in Massachusetts, it may seem like your life is over. You may start to think about the way this mistake will impact your career, immigration status, school loans and reputation in the community. The truth of the matter is that hope is not lost. There are a number of things that can be done and by knowing about them, you can help create a brighter future for yourself.

Boston Personal Injury Lawyer – Legal Advise

Personal injury is the term most commonly used to refer to an injury sustained through another person’s negligence or intentional tort. An ‘injury’ can mean physical or emotional hurt. Personal injury claims are commonly brought because of traffic accidents, as well as accidents at home, at work or even on vacation. A personal injury lawsuit may arise from a myriad of events, such as tripping on an uneven sidewalk, slipping on the ice, being hit by a fallen branch, snow falling off a roof, a bike striking you, or someone opening a car door, without looking, and hurting you.


“I wanted to thank you again. I’m at the end of my probation period. I could not have done it without you. You were such a great support. I just want to let you know I appreciated everything you did.”
“Dear Elliot, Just a short note filled with heartfelt thanks for your help and support in my defense during my court appearance. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am knowing this foolish incident and its aftermath is finally over. Thank again, so very much.”
“I’m sitting here thinking about what a remarkable victory you pulled off. I just had to let you know that it was an outstanding victory. Well done.”
“Dear Elliot, People are not immune to the ‘fortune’ in their life. The bright side is that someone is out there to save them. You are the person saving my fate. You represent ‘integrity and justice.’ You are the best lawyer on earth.”
“Thank you for representing me in court. Everything worked out for the better. I have been attending all my AA meetings, consulting at Catholic Charities and meeting with my probation officer. I haven’t had a drink since the day I went to court and everything is great at home.”
“Dear Mr Savitz, Thank you so much for all your hard work, as well as your persistence on my case. I really appreciate your sensitivity in dealing with me on this matter. I feel good about the outcome of my case and am grateful to you for resolving it quickly.”
“I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve appreciated your most sincere guidance & support. This has been one of the most difficult years we’ve been through with our son. We could not have hoped for a more positive outcome.”
“We were absolutely astonished and very grateful for how Elliot handled our son’s case and would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of legal council!”
“I really wanted to thank you so much. I cannot thank you enough. You were always there to fulfill whatever was required by the court.”




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