If you are facing a shoplifting charge in Boston, Massachusetts, it is important to work with an experienced Boston criminal attorney to get the best possible result.

Boston shoplifting charges are dependent on the value of the goods stolen and whether it is your first offense. I am an experienced and qualified Boston criminal attorney, who has represented many clients facing shoplifting charges in Boston. I have an excellent track record and will fight aggressively to defend you in court.

If you need Boston criminal attorney, I will help you understand the charges you are facing and walk you through the legal process so you are prepared for each step of the way. It is important to understand that in order to be found guilty of a shoplifting charge, it must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that you carried away, concealed, or switched price tags or containers on merchandise in a retail store. It must also be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that you intended to conceal or take the merchandise, that the item was owned by the retail store and not yourself, and that you intentionally tried to deprive the owner of the full value of the product. For a first-time offense for shoplifting a product valued under $100, you may be required to pay a $250 fine. However, the fines and punishments increase depending on the value of the item stolen and the number of times you have been charged with this crime.

In representing shoplifting clients in Boston, I use defense strategies that often lead to the charges being dropped prior to arraignment.

This means that the charges will not appear on your probation record. I have the experience to know how to suppress evidence or dismiss the charges, both crucial to winning your case. I give each and every client the attention he/she deserves. Each case is unique and requires a unique defense strategy. Experience matters most when being charged with shoplifting, you need me as your lawyer. Let me tell you why:

With my experience:

  • I can often get charges against a first time offender dropped.
  • I can file for dismissal due to lack of probable cause.
  • I can analyze your case for any holes in the prosecution and give you legal advice for the solution of your problem .
  • I have practiced law in Massachusetts for many years and am a highly respected member of the community. My expertise will be put to work for you.
  • I have represented hundreds of shoplifting cases and have been able to get the charges dropped, many prior to arraignment. That means that it will never go on your probation record.
  • No one, including current or future employers, will know about it.

Using a Boston criminal attorney is the best way to help you get the most positive outcome for your Boston shoplifting situation. Contact us today!