Perhaps you have been arrested or summoned to court, charged with Assault and Battery (A&B). Does that mean you are guilty?

Absolutely not. You may have simply been defending yourself from an aggressor, or you could have been falsely accused or misidentified by a nearby witness. But right now, you are charged with Assault & Battery and that could have lifelong consequences, all over one fleeting moment, misunderstanding or false accusation.

You could face massive fines, prison time, and a criminal record that haunts you for the rest of your life. And, if you are not a citizen, you could even be deported for Assault and Battery. However, you don’t need to let any of that happen. Legal advice and representation is the key to protecting your rights.

By hiring an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, you will be in a far better position to develop a winning strategy and get the best result possible.

How Can We Help You if Your Charged with Assault & Battery?

If you are facing a charge of Assault and Battery, you want someone on your side that is working tirelessly to protect your life and your future, someone who is ready at a moment’s notice to fight for your rights. Our experienced Assault and Battery attorneys have defended hundreds of clients in similar situations, and have had tremendous success in getting the charges dropped, so they do not even appear on your record.

We understand that your case is unique, and that, as such, it deserves a specialized approach in order to protect you, your liberty, your finances, your job and your reputation in the community. That is why we must discuss your case in detail, either on the phone or in person, and develop a personalized strategy to get you the best result possible.

  • Perhaps you were not arrested but did not receive a Clerk’s Hearing. If so, we could file a motion to dismiss for a clear-cut violation of your rights under Massachusetts law.
  • Perhaps there were statements by the alleged victim that you are entitled to share as a matter of discovery but were not provided.
  • Perhaps there are 5th Amendment rights, spousal privilege or an Accord & Satisfaction that could quickly resolve your case.
  • Maybe, there is some negotiation with the Assistant District Attorney that could lead to a Pre-trial Probation or outright dismissal.
  • There may also be a Motion to Dismiss or Motion to Suppress Statements and Other Evidence that could lead to a nolle pros or other suitable outcome.

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