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Your car is wrecked and you are shaken up. To make matters worse, you are now being charged with leaving the scene of property damage.

  • Maybe you were too shaken up to know what happened.
  • Or, you didn’t see where the other car pulled over.
  • Maybe there was no other car involved. Your tire blew out, and you hit a tree, a fence, a sign, or a telephone pole.
  • Perhaps you left your car and walked to your house around the corner.
  • Or, it was late at night, it was dark, it was a bad part of town, and you were frightened. So you drove your car, intending to call the police when you got home.
  • Maybe you just got scared and made a mistake.

Whatever happened, you need the help of a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in defending leaving the scene charges, who can protect your life, your license and your reputation.

Remember, the burden of proof is on the prosecutor. They have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  1. You caused damage while driving on a public road.
  2. You knew about it.
  3. You left the scene without leaving your name, home address, license number and your car’s registration.

What You Need To Do If Charged With Leaving the Scene

At this point, you are just facing a charge, so a conviction is still nowhere in sight. However, there is no time to relax. You have a great life, a wonderful job, and a planned future that you look forward to. But, none of that will exist any longer if you don’t begin now to develop a winning defense.

Without solid representation, you are giving the police and district attorney free rein to build a strong case against you. And they don’t like to lose. That is why you need to hire the best defense attorney immediately!

At The Law Offices of Elliot Savitz & Scott Bradley our criminal defense attorneys are experienced, compassionate and have a winning track record representing defendants just like you. After hearing your side of the story and reading the police report, we will gather all the information necessary to build a strong defense. We may be able to get the charges dropped at a Clerk’s Hearing (Show Cause), so nothing appears on your criminal record. Or, we may file a motion to dismiss or suppress and get the charges dismissed before a judge. We may even convince the prosecutor to reduce the charges so you don’t jeopardize your license.

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