Academic Concerns: School Suspension, Expulsion or Probation

Is your son, daughter or another loved one facing a school hearing for school suspension, expulsion, academic probation?

Or it maybe they are facing another type of disciplinary action. Regardless the cause, you are well-advised to hire a criminal defense attorney with the experience and expertise to fight your case and achieve a favorable outcome.

At The Law Offices of Elliot Savitz & Scott Bradley, we have a successful track record in representing students in high schools and institutions of higher learning. One of our attorneys, Elliot Savitz, spent 6 years as a member of a school committee of a large public school district. His experience and insight has proved invaluable in our law offices understanding of how the system works.

We will review your school’s guidelines for defending against the initial charges and filing appeals from the first instance. So instead of going into your hearings alone and unprepared, you will have a trained, sympathetic lawyer by your side to protect your rights and vehemently and articulately argue your case.

Do not leave such an important hearing to chance.

Without representation, a School Suspension Expulsion & Academic Probation can be one of the most frightening experiences in your life. Your entire future may be on the line. Expulsion from a public school system may mean that you are not only barred from that school system, but other systems as well. You could lose out on a diploma or degree — even if you are a mere few credits from graduating. Also, your future in the workplace or the armed forces may be seriously curtailed.

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