I heard a story not long ago about an English barrister whose dogs played tug-of-war with his barrister’s wig.

The dogs had a fine old time and tore the expensive, hand-made, horsehair wig to shreds. After an evening out, he came home to find the house littered with white curls and the dogs looking very pleased with themselves. Needless to say, he was not at all pleased with his dogs. The replacement cost several thousand dollars, and he was unable appear in court until his new wig was ready because in the English court system, the judge will not “hear” a barrister, who is not correctly attired.

A barrister represents a client in court in England the same way a Massachusetts lawyer or attorney (the terms are synonymous) represents a client in a Massachusetts court. However, in England, the legal profession is divided into solicitors and barristers. So, if you are charged in England, you would hire a solicitor to advise you, who would then engage a barrister on your behalf to represent you in court, if necessary. It is only recently that solicitors have had the right to appear in certain courts on behalf of their clients. This system is unlike in the United States, where an attorney both advises his/her clients and then represents them in court, as well. Hence, an attorney will often describe him or herself as an “attorney and councillor at law.”

A Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer

Both countries have legal representatives who specialize in different areas of law. So, if you are accused of a criminal act in Massachusetts, like assault and battery or shoplifting, you need to find a Massachusetts criminal lawyer or attorney to defend you, particularly one who specializes in assault and battery or shoplifting. Having an attorney who specializes in real estate law or labor law or immigration law will not be of much help to you in a criminal case.

It is also important for you to find a criminal defense attorney who is licensed in the state where the alleged crime took place. So, if you are charged in Massachusetts, an attorney cannot help you if he or she is not licensed in Massachusetts. Having even the best criminal attorney from Texas won’t help you in Massachusetts.

Hire the best Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer

OK, interesting, I hear you say, but what does my being charged with a crime in Massachusetts have to do with dogs ripping up an English barrister’s wig? Perhaps, nothing at all! However, there are a few things you need to know. If nothing else, don’t forget that your reputation, your job, your student loan, your immigration status, and your liberty are all on the line. What does all that mean? Simply this, not only could you go to jail, but you could also be fired, lose your student loan, or even be deported.

Searching the Internet. So, above all, if you are charged in Massachusetts, our best legal advice to you is to hire the best Massachusetts criminal lawyer you can. And, if you are looking on the Internet, make sure you type in Massachusetts criminal defense or criminal attorney or lawyer. And, better yet, specify the crime, with which you have been charged, and where it took place or the court where you are charged.