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Facing a criminal charge can be the most frightening time of your life. And for good reason. Every charge is serious. It can affect your freedom, your right to drive, your job, your student loan, your reputation in the community and even your immigration status. That is why you must act now to protect your rights and prepare your defense.

So, if you, a relative or a friend are accused of a crime, you need to hire an experienced and compassionate lawyer to guide you through the criminal justice system. Above all else, you need to speak right away, either in person or on the phone, with a Massachusetts criminal lawyer, who understands the ins and outs of our legal system.

Why Choose Elliot Savitz?

Elliot Savitz specializes in Massachusetts criminal law and appears daily in courts throughout the state. Most important, he has a winning track record. His firm, The Law Offices of Elliot Savitz, is located near Boston, in Dedham, MA. It is small enough to ensure you have an experienced senior lawyer assigned to your case, but big enough to ensure that it can deal with your case on very short notice.
Attorney Savitz is a compassionate Massachusetts criminal lawyer, highly respected by his peers across the state, and has the know-how to quickly assess your case and set you on a winning track. So, pick up the phone and call him immediately. There is NO CHARGE FOR YOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION. Within minutes, he will help put your mind at ease and make a stressful time much easier to deal with. He will also give you his cell phone number, so you can reach him at any hour, 7 days a week.
His many years of experience and legal knowledge will enable him to give you a well-informed and honest opinion the first time you talk to him on the phone. At NO COST TO YOU, he will gladly listen to the circumstances of your case, quickly assess your situation and let you know whether you need a criminal defense attorney or not. He will then explain all of your options clearly and concisely, discuss the likely consequences, explain how he can help you get the best result possible and leave you with a plan of action to fight the charges.


He is available 24/7.

ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE protects your conversation, so you can be open and honest with him whatever the charge or charges. He is genuinely committed to protecting your rights and will always act in your best interest.
Remember, there is NO CHARGE FOR YOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION, and you will sleep better at night knowing you have an experienced and respected attorney on your side, with an unrivalled success rate.


“Dear Attorney Savitz, Thank you for representing me in court. Everything worked out for the better. I have been attending all my AA meetings, consulting at Catholic Charities and meeting with my probation officer. I haven’t had a drink since the day I went to court and everything is great at home. Remember, if you ever get a scratch on your car, give me a call!”


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One of my clients said this:

"I just wanted to thank you one more time for everything you have done for me and my family. I am so fortunate to have met such an understanding and caring person. The past few years have been a living hell and I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to have you standing by my side the entire time. Your selflessness and generosity have not gone unnoticed and I owe you a debt that can never be re-paid. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know. Again, I thank you and I couldn’t have chosen a better attorney."
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