Perhaps you had a few drinks and hit a stop sign…or a tree…or a curb and are facing a DUI charge.

Or you were swerving from lane to lane…or driving erratically. The police came along and checked your driver’s license. They asked you to do some field sobriety tests. Recite the alphabet…without singing it. Stand on one foot. Count backwards from 100 to 87. Walk 9 steps heal to toe, then turn around and walk back. Maybe they asked you to take a breath test.

Then they asked you to put your hands behind your back. They handcuffed you and drove you to the police station. They took your picture, fingerprinted you, and booked you for a DUI. A Clerk Magistrate came to the station and set bail. He handed you a paper and told you to appear in court tomorrow at 8:30AM for an arraignment for DUI.

Maybe you were never in a court before. Or had never ever been in trouble with the law. In fact, you didn’t even know what a DUI was. You are scared. Confused. You are afraid of going to jail. Or losing your job. Or not able to drive your kids to school.

The first thing you should do when facing a DUI is call The Law Offices of Elliot Savitz & Scott Bradley.

We will explain the judicial process. What to expect. What to do. We will tell you that a DUI is Driving Under the Influence, sometimes called a DWI, Driving While Intoxicated and that in Massachusetts, it is called an OUI, Operating Under the Influence.

Our lawyers will explain that the District Attorney must prove several things to convict you of a DUI.

  • The DA must prove you were behind the wheel.
  • That you were on a public road.
  • That you were driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • The DA must show that you were under the influence of alcohol. It is not enough to show that you had a few drinks, that is not illegal.

Our Law Office will review the circumstances of your case.

  • What did the officer observe?
  • Were you glassy eyed?
  • Did you smell of alcohol?
  • Were you swerving, speeding up and slowing down?
  • Were you unsteady on your feet?

He will then begin to develop a legal strategy to get the best outcome possible in court.

Within a few minutes, he can put your worst fears to rest. He can eliminate your confusion by explaining what will happen in court.

If you have been charged with a DUI, call The Law Offices of Elliot Savitz & Scott Bradley right away.

Together, we will review your case and develop a winning legal strategy to protect your right to drive in Massachusetts, keep you out of jail and save your job.