Larceny refers to the theft of personal property with the intent to keep or sell the items.

There are two forms of Larceny for which you may face criminal charges.

Petit Larceny: If the item or items are worth less than $250, then the crime is classified as Petit or Petty Larceny.

Although this type of Larceny is considered a misdemeanor, you could still face a fine or imprisonment, up to one year in jail, depending upon the specific circumstances of your case, as well as your criminal record.

Grand Larceny: High value thefts over $250 are considered a felony and fall into the category of Grand Larceny. A conviction for Grand Larceny can subject you to up to 5 years in a state prison and/or an accompanying fine, which may be greater than the value of the stolen goods.

How to Deal with a Larceny Charge

Being charged with either Petty or Grand Larceny can have lifelong consequences, including not only jail time or fines, but also prohibition from many types of employment, or even deportation if you are not a U.S. citizen. That is why it is so very important that you act now to prepare the best possible defense in order to protect your freedom and future wellbeing.

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With expert representation, you don’t have to lose everything – or anything.

  • Maybe the case against you is weak.
  • If it is your first offense, the prosecution may consider a plea bargain down from Grand Larceny to Petty Larceny.
  • They could even agree to Pre-Trial Probation or Dismissal prior to Arraignment, so the charge does not appear on your record.
  • If you have not been arrested, you may be entitled to a Clerk’s Hearing, which could result in your not even being charged.
  • Perhaps a timely Motion to Dismiss or Suppress will result in the termination of your case.

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