If you are charged with Robbery in Massachusetts, you need to consult with a criminal defense attorney immediately!

Anyone accused of a robbery, either armed or unarmed, in Massachusetts needs expert legal help from an attorney licensed to practice in the state. However, finding the right attorney when the pressure is on can be challenging. The better informed you are, the easier the search.

A criminal charge for a felony, such as robbery, will be prosecuted in the Superior Court, and the defendant can be incarcerated in state prison for a period of years, up to life. Exact sentencing depends on guidelines set by the Massachusetts courts, as well as the judge’s discretion. Cases like these often continue in court for a considerable amount of time. At The Law Offices of Elliot Savitz & Scott Bradley, our lawyers are willing to make as many appearances as necessary to handle your case.

Unarmed Robbery

Unarmed robbery is defined as the use of force of one kind or another to put the victim in fear and then committing larceny, in other words, stealing from the victim. Being found guilty of unarmed robbery carries with it a jail sentence for any number of years up to life.

Armed Robbery

Armed robbery is when you commit robbery with the use of a dangerous weapon. Armed robbery, like unarmed robbery, carries a sentence for any number of years up to life. However, if the perpetrator is wearing a mask, he/she shall be sentenced to not less than 5 years for a first offense, and not less than 10 years for a subsequent offense.

In order for the prosecution to find the defendant guilty of armed robbery, they need to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant:

  • Was armed with a dangerous weapon,
  • Put the victim in fear or caused harm by force,
  • Intended to steal property from the victim, and actually took control of the victim’s property.

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