If you are charged with Indecent Exposure, you need to consult a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney who specializes in these charges, immediately.

Indecent Exposure is considered a sex crime and offenses of this nature are taken very seriously. To put the seriousness of these charges into perspective, such crimes are considered by many as part and parcel with other sex crimes like prostitution, sexual molestation, rape, and child pornography. It is important to get expert legal advice as soon as possible. Being convicted of Indecent Exposure can be a traumatizing experience. Apart from the legal consequences, it can also damage your reputation, leaving you with a lot of explaining to do for the rest of your life.

Penalties of Indecent Exposure

Because of the sexual nature of Indecent Exposure, and the possibility of causing emotional and physical harm to others, the penalties levied in the state of Massachusetts can be severe. Yet these penalties often fail to take into consideration the realities of the situation.

You may simply have forgotten to zip your fly when leaving the men’s room, or you may have had no choice but to relieve yourself in the bushes, without knowing someone was watching. Maybe you were on a medication that caused frequent urination, and there were no bathrooms available. And, even if you went streaking drunk through a football game, you surely made a mistake that shouldn’t follow you the rest of your life.


  • Fines of as much as $200
  • Jail time up to 6 months, & probation

Long Term Consequences

It is important to also consider the long-term consequences of an Indecent Exposure conviction. For example, you may have problems renting a home, securing employment or credit, or maintaining relationships with family and friends. Even if you are not convicted of Indecent Exposure, the mere accusation may be harmful to your professional and personal life. You could be denied a volunteer position or even coaching your child’s soccer team.

Defending Sex Crimes

We have extensive experience defending sex crimes. The police and prosecutor are working to put you away. In representing you, The attorneys at The Law Offices of Elliot Savitz & Scott Bradley  will do everything in our power to get the charges dropped, allowing you to walk away with your head held high.

We may be able to get the charges dismissed at a Clerk’s Hearing (Show Cause), so you will not even have a criminal record. Or, a motion to dismiss or suppress to get the charges dropped or evidence excluded. We may be able to convince a prosecutor to reduce the charges to disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace so you do not have a crime like Indecent Exposure on your record.

It all starts with you making a call. Don’t delay, contact The Law Offices of Elliot Savitz & Scott Bradley at, (781) 974-3429 and your INITIAL CONSULTATION IS FREE OF CHARGE.