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Criminal Charges

In court proceedings, there are criminal charges and civil charges. Both charges can have very severe consequences. However, the main difference between the two is that a civil case generally results in financial penalties, whereas a criminal case can send you to jail. The most famous cases that show the difference between civil and criminal cases were the two OJ Simpson trials involving the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. OJ Simpson won his criminal trial against the State of California and consequently wasn’t remanded to prison for the rest of his life. OJ, however, didn’t prevail in the civil wrongful death suit brought against him by the relatives of his alleged victims. That loss didn’t send him to jail but required him to pay a $33.5 million penalty. If you are facing a criminal charge in Massachusetts, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney, like Elliot Savitz, with a proven track record by your side. You have much too much at stake not to give him a call. Inadequate or inexperienced representation may result in jail, fines, loss of employment, driver’s license, welfare benefits, or even deportation, if you are not a U.S. citizen. Elliot Savitz is a well-respected attorney, who understands your rights, knows his way around the courts, and can assure you of your best chance to stay out of jail, avoid costly fines, and win your case. So pick up your phone and call Elliot Savitz now. Within minutes, he will assess your case and help you to develop a winning game plan. Sleep well tonight knowing you have Elliot Savitz on your side. Your Statewide Legal Solution For Every Defendant in Massachusetts Although my office is located in Dedham, I defend clients in courts throughout Massachusetts. You can see a partial list of the cities where I have represented clients to the upper right. You can click on any of those cities to learn more about some of the cases that I have tried in those cities and how I can specifically help you get your charges dismissed or your sentence reduced. However, regardless of your city, I am more than willing to listen to your charges and determine your best course of action. Looking for a reliable law firms is boston?  I know having a lawyer on whom you can rely is a primary concern for defendants all over the state. That’s why I appear in most every court in Massachusetts and have the experience and expertise to ensure you the best possible outcome. My track record is excellent! Finding a criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts , like myself, who is passionate about his work and is willing to go the extra mile for each and every client is a right that everyone in Massachusetts deserves.

Criminal Charges

Assault & Battery (A & B) | Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (ABDW) | Failure to Register as a Sex Offender | Indecent Assault & Battery 14+ | Indecent Exposure | Larceny by Check | Larceny (by stealing) | Leaving the Scene of Property Damage | Malicious Destruction of Property | Negligent Operation | Open & Gross Lewdness | Possession of a Controlled Substance | Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs or Distribution of Drugs | Receiving Stolen Property | School Zone Drug Violation | Shoplifting (by Asportation, by Concealing Merchandise, by Switching a Price Tag, or by Switching Containers) | Trespass Elliotcta new Criminal Charges “I wanted to thank you again. I’m at the end of my probation period. I could not have done it without you. You were such a great support. I just want to let you know I appreciated everything you did. Thank you.”


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