At an arraignment, first, you will be interviewed by an officer of the court to determine if you are indigent (you cannot afford a lawyer). Then, you will appear in court, where you will be arraigned (or formally charged) by the court. You will be prosecuted by a police prosecutor or an ADA (Assistant District Attorney). If the ADA wants bail, your lawyer will generally argue against it. You will then be given a date for a (PTC) pre-trial conference, at which time the ADA and your lawyer (unless you waive your right to a lawyer) will discuss discovery of evidence. After your PTC, you will be given other dates for motions, compliance & election, and trial. At anytime, your lawyer and the ADA can work out a plea. Any plea must be approved by the judge.

If you are summoned for an arraignment, contact us immediately to represent you and protect your rights.