The obvious answer is a Boston Criminal Defense Attorney is someone who represents a person who is in trouble with the law.

And that is a good thing. However, lawyers also have bad press. Just think of all those anti-lawyer jokes. For example: How many lawyers are needed to change a light bulb? Answer, twenty three: two to object, four to research precedents, one to dictate a letter, five to argue, one to get a continuance, one to depose, one to write motions, two to negotiate, five to bill for professional services and one to order the office manager to change the bulb. But lawyer jokes aside, just stop and think a minute. The fact is a Boston criminal defense lawyer is an essential element in the American criminal justice system.

A Boston Criminal Defense Attorney earns a living by billing for his/her time from individuals (hence the billing for professional services). By enjoying economic independence derived from earning a living from private clients, they can practice as counselors and advocates without being dictated to by a higher authority. They can negotiate on your behalf; write, file and argue motions to protect your rights; seek a continuance to give you more time to get the discovery or prepare for trial; cross-examine witnesses against you and present evidence on your behalf. They will speak for you in court, offer ways to solve the problem and give you legal advice, argue your case and depose witnesses necessary to prove your innocence.

What this means is that your Boston criminal defense lawyer can protect you against an abuse of power. They stand between you and a system unfairly prepared to prove you guilty. A system supported by the police, the labs, the researchers, and an office of prosecutors, secretaries and victim witness advocates. He/she is there to ensure you get a fair trial and a fair disposition.

Who is the prosecutor?

A prosecutor on the other hand, does not have the same economic independence that a Boston criminal defense lawyer does, which is why there are no jokes that start with the line how many prosecutors are needed to change a light bulb? The prosecutor works for the state and has a vested interested in seeing the state win its case. The prosecutor does not bill for his or her time. He/she is paid by the state.

Our laws today evolved from the nineteenth century when issues were settled by the plaintiff and defendant going head-to-head. The winner was usually the one that shouted the loudest and longest. Accordingly, as society evolved there was a need for a regulated and considered process of decision-making.

Hire a Boston Criminal Defense Attorney!

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime such as assault and battery , hire a Boston criminal defense lawyer. He/she is your best chance to ensure that the criminal justice system is fair and equitable. You will not be expected to shout louder than the prosecutor to win your case. Instead, your lawyer will be there to protect your constitutional rights and get you the best possible disposition. So, when it comes to paying your Boston criminal defense lawyer’s fee, remember that you are paying him/her to protect you against a shocking and overwhelming abuse of power. Oh yes, and to ensure that the Boston criminal defense lawyer can afford to tell the office manager to change the light bulb!