Larceny in Brockton is either Grand Larceny or Petit Larceny (pronounced petty).

Grand Larceny is theft exceeding $250. Petit or small Larceny is for values below $250. These statutes may have been established back when $250 seemed like a lot more money. Regardless, the figures still stand.

Grand Larceny carries a possible 5-year prison term and a $25,000 fine; a poor return on the $250 you are accused of stealing. It also carries the burden of a felony conviction that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Petit Larceny is only a misdemeanor, “only” being a misleading word. It could still carry a one-year jail term and fines. Worse, it will also follow you, making it difficult to find a job, get a scholarship, find housing, or obtain a loan.

Your Best Defense Against Larceny

If you or a loved one has a Brockton Larceny case pending, you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney you can who is experienced in larceny cases. A few items to consider would be:

  • Experience in Brockton courts
  • Experience with larceny cases
  • A Proven track record

Victims need someone to blame.

If your charge includes a large sum of money that left victims destitute, the challenge to win your case becomes even more critical. Even when you are innocent, the injured parties are so emotional about the case, any scapegoat will do. The victims want to put a face to the crime—yours. This situation makes negotiating with the prosecutor more difficult. No matter, if I know all the circumstances of your situation, I can cut through the emotional rhetoric and with my experience assure you of the most promising outcome.

When you face a charge as serious as larceny, it is important for you to have experienced Criminal Defense Attorney on your side. That is what I bring to your case.