Caught by the Shoplifting Spies in Brockton?

Shoplifting, the term sounds more like a prank than a crime. But don’t let the name fool you, merchants, store owners, and the city of Brockton takes shoplifting very seriously. It is larceny, in other words, stealing. Storeowners classify the problem as “shrinkage,” where their inventory shrinks without any money to show for it. Even though a shoplifter may steal an item valued at less than $10, that shoplifter represents thousands of dollars the store may have lost over the last year. If they catch you, they will prosecute you. Many stores even hire spies who are paid to catch you. There is a bounty on your head the minute you walk into the store.

Innocent or guilty?

If you are facing a shoplifting charge in Brockton Massachusetts, you may feel it is very important to prove you are innocent; that it was an accident, that you had already paid for that item, that your friend put it in your backpack when you weren’t looking, the list is endless. However, if you are looking for an attorney that will prove your innocence, then I am not your man. That is not your best defense strategy for shoplifting.

If you want to win your shoplifting case and keep your record clean, you need an experienced shoplifting attorney in Brockton who knows that winning your case is all about making the prosecution prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty. If he can’t prove your guilt, then you are pronounced, “not guilty.” This strategy protects your rights and makes it easier to win or negotiate your case.

What’s at risk for Brockton Shoplifting

Under Massachusetts law, shoplifting an item valued under $100 may have you facing a fine of $250 for your first offense, $500 for you second offense, and two years in jail for your third offense.

If you are charged with shoplifting an item valued over $100 you could be face the possibility of a 28 month prison sentence and a $1000 fine.

These are some serious penalties that should alert you to how serious shoplifting is and how much you need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in your corner.

Don’t go it alone

When someone tries to represent them self in a shoplifting case, it doesn’t end well. It takes experience and expertise to know how these cases should be handled. Because shoplifting is a common crime, the prosecutor knows how to show that you are guilty, even when you aren’t. His or her experience stacks the deck against you.

You needn’t worry. I have been defending shoplifting cases in Brockton longer than any prosecutor. I know how to win your case. You are no longer facing your charges alone. Give me a call and we can get started today.

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