Brockton Indecent Exposure Can Leave You Vulnerable

If you find yourself accused of Indecent Exposure in Brockton, hopefully you have come to realize the gravity of your situation. Not only does indecent exposure carry the possibility of up to 6 months in jail and a $200.00 fine, the stigma of a conviction can affect your opportunities in the future. Your record won’t differentiate between the disgusting act of a flasher in a trench coat and what you thought was a harmless prank of streaking. Trust me, people generally believe the worst.

What Is Indecent Exposure?

For a prosecutor to show indecent exposure he or she must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

• The defendant exposed genitals or breasts to at least one person.

• This action was intentional, and

• At least one person was offended by this exposure.

Public urination may be considered indecent exposure under these guidelines.

How Can I Help?

Even though the guidelines for indecent exposure are very specific, an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney. can make it very difficult to prove these three critical elements. However, even if the prosecutor could prove them, as your representative, I can file motions to suppress or dismiss, negotiate a reduced charge, or convince the prosecutor or judge to impose a lesser penalty.

A typical strategy is to bargain for a reduction of the charge of Indecent Exposure to Disorderly Conduct. Just changing the name of the charge is helpful to you because the term Indecent Exposure could leave you feeling exposed in ways you didn’t consider. I may also file multiple motions in your defense in order to convince the District Attorney to completely drop the charges and let you move on after this difficult episode in your life.

“Dear Attorney Savitz, Thank you for representing me in court. Everything worked out for the better. I have been attending all my AA meetings, consulting at Catholic Charities and meeting with my probation officer. I haven’t had a drink since the day I went to court and everything is great at home. Remember, if you ever get a scratch on your car, give me a call!”


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