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2,538Cases Handled Successfully
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“I just wanted to thank you one more time for everything you have done for me and my family. I am so fortunate to have met such an understanding and caring person. The past few years have been a living hell and I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to have you standing by my side the entire time. Your selflessness and generosity have not gone unnoticed and I owe you a debt that can never be re-paid. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know. Again, I thank you and I could not have chosen a better attorney.”

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Background of Attorney Elliot Savitz

Graduate of Boston University School of Law
Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)
Former Chairman & Member of the Board of Pilgrim Advocates
Former Chairman & Member of the Board of the Salvation Army
Member of Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL)
Graduate of National Criminal Defense College

Member of the Massachusetts Bar
Honored as Plymouth County Bar Advocate of the Year
Former Member Dedham School Committee
Member of the Federal Bar, District of Massachusetts
Former Co-host on Radio talk show on the law
Former Member of the Norfolk County Board of Directors

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  • ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE protects our conversation, so you can be open and honest with me whatever the charge(s). I am genuinely committed to protecting your rights and will always act in your best interest.
  • The Law Offices of Elliot Savitz is small enough to ensure you have an experienced senior lawyer assigned to your case, but big enough to handle any case on very short notice. You will always receive prompt attention.
  • I will also give you my cell phone number to reach me easily with any new developments. Our success rate is unrivaled.

Frequently Asked Questions

To give you the best possible chance of winning! I am a hard-working, experienced lawyer, who has successfully defended thousands of clients like yourself. I will always be available to answer your questions and work with you to develop and implement a winning strategy.

Immediately! I will answer your questions and assess your case the first time we speak on the phone. So call me now at (508) 662-3000 for a free consultation.

I am a tough, hard-working attorney, very well-respected by the legal community. I have many years experience as a criminal defense attorney and will fight every step of the way until we get you the best possible outcome.

My proven track record. As a graduate of M.I.T. and B.U. Law School, and a proven track record as a winning criminal defense attorney, I have what it takes to quickly assess your case, develop a winning strategy and fight for a winning resolution. I assure you that I hate to lose, and I will fight as long as it takes to get you the best possible result.

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