If you are wondering whether you need a Boston criminal defense lawyer, then you probably do.

In fact, you not only need a Boston criminal defense lawyer, you need the best your money can buy. The lawyer must be experienced, caring and willing to guide you through what may be a long and tedious court battle. Your life is on the line. What’s worse, the district attorney has the police on his/her side. And, if being charged is causing you all sorts of pressure, anxiety and concern for your job and reputation, just imagine what it will be like if you are convicted.

One thing is for certain, representing yourself is out of the question. After all, this is not fantasy football!

Just imagine, you are faced with serious criminal charges. Let’s say you’re accused for performing an armed robbery. You held up a local convenience store at gunpoint. You could go to jail for life. But, you are smarter than the prosecutor, and smarter than a Boston criminal defense lawyer. You decide to appear pro se, to represent yourself. You start off with an opening statement, which if not promising, at least is not terrible. In fact, all seems to be okay until the storeowner is called to the stand. You ask him about the night in question, the lighting, his eyesight, his glasses, whether he is near-sighted or far-sighted, the distance between him and the robber. Then you ask him if he was scared. He says he was. Now you have him, don’t you? In fact, you ask, you were so scared, you couldn’t identify the robber, right. Wrong, says the storeowner, it was you. But you weren’t certain, were you? Yes, I was, the storeowner replies, it was you. Are you absolutely certain, you ask. Yes, says the storeowner, I have no doubt whatsoever, you are the person that pointed the gun at my head, demanded my money and told me you would shoot me if I didn’t hand it over.

So much for your lawyering days. You might as well jump up and yell at the man, “I should have killed you when I had the chance…”

One way or another, you are off to a very long state prison sentence, perhaps for life, just because as all law firms in boston worth their salt would tell you, you never, ever ask a question you don’t know the answer to.

The moral of this story is that however much you think you don’t need a Boston criminal defense lawyer, think again. He or she might just might save your bacon!