I don’t intend on giving you a full history of this great attorney, but suffice it to say he took on the most unpopular defendants in the biggest crime of his day. He was able to win acquittal for six of them and reduced charges for the remaining two. His belief in rule by law wasn’t blinded by prejudice or the anxious feelings of war.

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06 Mar 2013

There Ought to Be a Law

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Whenever a small child doesn’t get its way, it may cry or throw a tantrum, because that is all it knows. Whenever society doesn’t like anything it often reacts with similar unconsciousness by declaring, “There ought to be a law.”

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in rule by law. However, I also know that laws don’t solve every problem or social ill. Those who believe they will have been overzealous of late, particularly when it comes to imposing law over the judicial system.

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