People have tried some pretty funny things to get out of a DUI charge. One of the all-time favorite fake-outs has to be from Tommy Boy. You remember the scene. Tommy and Richard are driving down the road, high from a leak in the NOS, when the police turn on their lights. They start freaking out (as many are want to do). What to do? They can’t get pulled over. They have to get off the charge. So, of course, they pretend their car is infested with bees. Bees. Tons of bees. Bees swarming all over them, stinging them, causing them to scream out in pain.┬áThe cops, seeing this play out, freeze. They are both deathly allergic to bees. So they tell them to roll around on the ground, jump back in their car and drive away.

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25 Oct 2012

Welcome to My Blog

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I’m excited to start this blog. I’ll be sharing infographic, informational posts, and interesting takes on criminal defense law. In the coming weeks, I’ll adding more and more posts to my blog, giving you a resource of information if you ever have a question about criminal defense.

So, check back often for new posts.

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